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  • $5

    Thursday Apr. 27: Bloodkin ACOUSITC featuring Daniel Hutchens, Eric Carter, and Eric Martinez

    Bloodkin ACOUSITC featuring Daniel Hutchens, Eric Carter, and Eric Martinez Bloodkin ACOUSITC featuring Daniel Hutchens, Eric Carter, and Eric Martinez
    Time: 7pm
    Location: 126 Williman Street

    Daniel Hutchens and Eric Carter met each other when they were eight years old. They solidified their early friendship based on a mutual love of baseball, comic books, and rock n roll music. They grew up in West Virginia; much time during their high school years was spent on Skull Run Road, where Eric’s family lived, a few miles outside Ravenswood. The boys recall that road as being the site of their first garage band practices. After high school, they started getting a little more serious about their blossoming songwriting partnership. Their road wound through Huntington, WV, and eventually on to Athens, GA, which they soon came to call home. They continued to concentrate on their songwriting, and by the early 90’s they had a catalogue of over 300 compositions. By this time Hutchens and Carter had given their musical collaboration a “band name”: Bloodkin.

    They will be joined by Eric ‘Dyrty Byrd’ Martinez.

  • $5

    Friday Apr. 28: Bonnie Blue

    Bonnie Blue
    Time: 10pm
    Location: 2209 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island

    Bonnie Blue proudly hails from the state of Florida, and continues to bring their formula of old-fashioned rock, country, soul, and blues to a steady growing fan base in the southeast. Founded by guitarist and singer/songwriter Bradley Churchman, as well as drummer Jeremy Mayr, Bonnie Blue’s take on original rock has earned them spots at popular music festivals like Magnolia Fest, Wanee, Swamptown Get Down, Jax Beach festivals, and many others.

    The newest additions to the band include Will Gore on vocals and guitar- a Georgia native and guitarist well known for his contributions to the band Soul Gravy. The bass is held down by Adam Kenneway, formerly of the North Florida Band Squeedlepuss, and a graduate of The University of North Florida with a jazz degree. The line-up wraps up with John Wilson on keyboards and vocals, who contributes to the local Jacksonville music scene with his take on rock and blues piano, as well as the founding of Rhythm & Keys Music School.

    With the mantra, “the music never stops”, Bonnie Blue continues to soar high with a strong collection of original tunes, an infectious and organic live act, and an understanding of the importance of paying homage to the great ones of the past.

  • $15adv / $20dos

    Saturday Apr. 29: All-Americana Crawfish Boil

    All-Americana Crawfish Boil All-Americana Crawfish Boil All-Americana Crawfish Boil
    Time: 3pm
    Location: 126 Williman Street

    Join us for a day of mudbugs, LIVE AMERICANA, and NOLA inspired spirits. Our annual trip to Louisana, starts at 3pm on the last Saturday in April, so save the date for the ruckus.

    First up in this year’s gator trap is the “gutter country, jazz and swing cut with booze drenched chainsaw rock n roll” of lowcountry favorites WHISKY DIABLO. WD unites a crowd with profound and irresponsible subject matters. It is the sheer sake of hedonism, authenticity, and a good laugh in the vein of the old big band crooners that keeps folks coming back.

    Headlining this year’s festivities…CRANFORD HOLLOW. From Hilton Head Island, SC, this visit would be a debut. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist John Cranford, bass man Phillip Sirmans, drummer Randy Rockalotta, and fiddler and vocalist Eric Reid, CH have won over thousands of loyal fans with what they call Lowcountry Stomp, a sound that is at once eclectic but uniquely their own. It’s a boot stomp on a dusty bar floor. It’s the clang of a whiskey bottle at last call. It’s grit. It’s the sounds of the South.