Bodega Cat

Bodega Cat started as “the jammiest jamband that no one ever asked for” with brotherly harmonies straight out of Augusta, GA. The band features a veteran lineup of Augusta musicians that have worked extensively as solo acts and in notable bands, such as Funk You, Cameras Guns & Radio, and Pedestrian – Will McCranie on guitar & vocals, Rob Thompson on bass & vocals, Tom Reed on keys, guitar & vocals, Mark Janousek on drums, & Brad Morganstern on percussion. While a certain pandemic slowed down some live and touring options, Bodega Cat quickly drew attention for their risk taking live performances and a clever blend of covers & original tunes and has been featured on just about every major stage in the CSRA, on national livestreams like 500 Songs For Kids and sharing bills with acts like G. Love & Special Sauce, Big Something, Funk You and Goin’ South. In the past year, the band has started venturing out with gigs across Georgia and South Carolina.

After a few years of developing their groove, the band entered an unassuming space, The Spot, in downtown Augusta, GA for a series of late night sessions. The recordings proved to be a bit more ambitious than expected and through the miracle of modern science (the interwebs), they enlisted the help of Brooklyn based producer Matty Amendola and Grammy winning mastering engineer Hans DeKline to bring their vision across the finish line. The result is Bodega Cat’s debut EP, titled “Say It With Me… Bo-De-Ga”, which was released for digital download and streaming worldwide on 08.26.2022, courtesy of Broken Compass Records.