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July 2017

“The old-school combo platters are grand slams, but don’t overlook the Chopped Brisket Taco and BBQ Nachos.”

June 2017

To find good barbecue while traveling, Michael Smith advises that you look for ambience—depending, of course, on how you define the word.

May 2017

The image of a 1960s-era American family grilling together doesn’t involve wood chips. All they needed were hot dogs and hamburgers, some lighter fluid, charcoal and a traditional kettle-style grill. But as our cultural interest in cooking like the pros has increased—even when it comes to grilling and smoking—so have the choices on the grilling aisle. These days, it doesn’t have to be as simple as grabbing a bag of charcoal on your way home. If you’re interested in taking your outdoor cooking to another level, you have a host of options for your grill or smoker—pellets, chunks, hardwood lump charcoal and wood chips.