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January 2021

This popular pit stop has five locations, mostly around South Carolina, but there’s also a smoky outpost in Aspen. The extensive menu includes every kind of meat cooked low-and-slow that a barbecue fan might crave, but it’s the specials that make us hot.

December 2020
Mount Pleasant Magazine: Best Wings

Smoked, dry-rubbed, and then fried, the wings at Home Team BBQ made Fiery Ron famous. Served with Alabama white sauce and (optional) Death Relish heat, keep your palate perked and your fingers close-to-clean enjoying this local, flavor-fancy, fun-filled delight.

October 2020

The introduction of a distinguished Charleston restaurant — Home Team BBQ — into Greenville’s budding dining scene.

For the past several years, the restaurant’s founder and pitmaster, Aaron Siegel, has brought the brand to the upscale food festival known as “euphoria.” From the beginning, Siegel said he saw an emerging food scene in Greenville similar to the beginning stages of Charleston’s growth into a nationally recognized player.

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