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September 2022

Home Team came along at a time when smoke and fire were starting to lure chefs away from fine dining kitchens and into barbecue pithouses. Among the early converts were Aaron Siegel and Taylor Garrigan, veterans of acclaimed downtown Charleston restaurants who set out in 2006 to open a barbecue joint. They applied classical culinary techniques to traditional wood-cooked barbecue, which was jarring to some old timers, but the combination soon won over a new generation of diners.

May 2022

On the progressive end of the smoky spectrum sits Home Team Barbecue, a six-location empire hard-bent on marrying age-old traditions with the trends of today. Think: Slow-cooked meats galore, but also tacos, wraps, and comfort food-inspired snacks plus a fun beverage menu with an expansive Whiskey selection and frozen cocktails.

September 2021

Home Team BBQ brings it’s popular favorites to Greenville including their smoked meat board, wings, pulled pork bbq sandwich, burger, and sides.

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