Champagne With Friends

Born in Southeast Texas, now based in the Charleston, SC, Thomas Champagne channels his love of funk, roots rock, and island grooves, ranging from relaxing beach tunes to a danceable blend of reggae and funk.  Champagne’s foundation of Texas Pride and a Cajun Spirit has helped mold a unique style of music, with percussive phrasing and catchy lyrics that help you smile through the toughs times and feel good about life.   Champagne with Friends, the band, was originally started in Austin, TX in 2006 and has toured through over half of the U.S.  And now with the release of their latest EP “Lost”, The Champagne 7 was born, horns, percussion, and a well orchestrated machine.  You can easily find him performing regularly solo or with the band in the Lowcountry Area and on tour in the colder months.