Reid Stone/Grady Nickel/Andrew Beam

Join our first installment of ‘Songwriters in the Round’…

Reid Stone, the former Daybreakdown band leader and Guilt Ridden Troubadour himself, never considered playing rock and roll a job, but knows there’s a high reward.

Grady Nickel is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally hailing from Augusta, GA. Growing up in close proximity to and going to school in Athens, GA had a profound effect on his musical output during his formative years. His music has been compared to Harvest-era Neil Young, early REM, and seminal alt-country band Uncle Tupelo.

Andrew Beam, the son of a bluegrass picking preacher, Andrew learned about roots music at its actual roots: bluegrass festivals, church socials, and front porch get-togethers. An avid fisherman and serious bowhunter, Clemson University alum Andrew was serving as a game warden with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources when a mutual friend introduced him to RCA Victor/Moonwatcher Records producer Joe Taylor.