Chris Lanter

Chris Lanter, friend and culinary pal of Aaron Siegel for many years, began his love for cooking at age 18 in Atlanta. He was working toward a History degree at the University of Georgia, when his cooking gig on the side at DePalma’s in Athens inspired him to pursue a culinary career. Having been exposed to the world of French cuisine and language as a child, it seemed fitting for Lanter to travel to France to improve his skills in the kitchen. After two years of working and learning in restaurants like Hôtel Commerce, Hôtel de la Marine, and Chez Toutoune, it was time to return to the states – back to Atlanta to be exact – where he worked at several restaurants, one being Ciboulette, under chef Mike Lata of Charleston’s FIG and the Ordinary. In 1997, Lanter packed up and moved out to Aspen, CO to continue his culinary career at such restaurants as in the Ritz Carlton, Campo de Fiori, and the Caribou Club under Chef Miles Angelo. His first executive chef position would be at Aspen’s Cache Cache, with Siegel working under him as sous chef for two years. Lanter currently resides as head chef at Cache Cache and is invested as a partner as well. In the winter of 2016, pals Siegel and Lanter came together to develop an opportunity to bring Home Team BBQ to the base of Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, with Lanter in the kitchen as head chef and pitmaster to explore the world of low and slow barbecue, a new welcomed culinary challenge for the experienced chef.